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“The future belongs to those who expand awareness and work with consciousness.”

I believe that through transformation of humanity, making it about the others (WE), not about your ego (ME), is the way to save us and this planet. As we have experience so far, living and leading from EGO (ME) hasn’t brought us so much good.

A conscious business focuses on a purpose that goes beyond only making profit, taking into account all stakeholders and operates from a conscious culture. In a conscious culture, you can be who you are, being open, authentic, transparent & engaging from respect and love. It enables freedom and trust. Conditions needed for people to perform in flow and excellence. To what percentage is this reality in your company?

To have this @100%, conscious leaders and conscious employees are needed. A Conscious Leader is able to expand its focus from ME to WE. Contributing in making the world a better place. Conscious leaders see how business can be the vehicle for transformation of humanity. Everyone can become a conscious leader. For this to happen, you need to wake up and become more consciousness!

What you can become lies just outside the boundaries of your existing awareness. To wake up, one needs to increase one’s awareness, being able to live beyond the mind and having your autopilot.

What is the value of becoming more consciousness?

It is to stop using our body simply to carry around our brain from event to event, to stop from gaining money to buy things we don’t like, to stop participating in the rat race. Cause as Socrates already said, if you follow a live build on your own thoughts and feelings, living an unexamined life, it is unlikely that you would find happiness. As we become more conscious, we naturally begin to experience that we have a choice.

Waking up affords us tremendous power: the power to become creative agents in our own lives. We choose how to respond rather than react. To shape ourselves, to be self-authoring. Conscious awareness gives us choice!!

Another way to look at it is from operating systems. The more complex the world becomes, the more you need to upgrade your operating system.

You should be questioning your worldview!

According to the “ADULT DEVELOPMENT THEORY” we need to leave the levels of being highly self-oriented and/or driven by personal and team achievement (these are still ego driven ways of relating to business and people) into questioning ourselves: why am I doing all this? The Why (even when you are a successful businessmen) opens the possibility for you to wake up. Once you start looking at this question, you have entered the waking up process. And this is irreversible!

Why are you pursuing all this stuff?
Why should you achieve all that?
Why are you still working in this company? Why are you in that job?

You should be questioning your worldview! Seriously, not holding the ‘why-question’ for a while, answering it quickly and move on with the live you are living, is an act of EGO. If you haven’t waked up yet, the question isn’t expected to be achieved with a loud applause by your EGO. No, expect resistance, expect questioning this question, expect a quick answer (from your ego, avoiding to lose control), expect yourself to turn away from this question. Any reaction to this question in order to avoid looking at it, might be an indication that you are being lived by your thoughts, feelings, autopilot, living up to other people’s expectations. I invite you: live with this question for a week, a month or even longer. It is opening a door that was closed a long time ago.

When you wake up, you undergo a fundamental change in the way of thinking and making meaning in the world. This is irreversible because you realize that your previous world views were just an illusion.

Be the change!

Changing cultures cannot be successful without changing the way people perceive live and work. According to Peter Matthies: ‘changing culture’ is not a behavior thing. It’s a mindset thing, a consciousness thing. So, one has to changes people’s mindset, the way they think!

For this to happen, the level of consciousness throughout the organization has to be changed. People need to be encourage to think differently, to act differently, then fundamentally the game of culture changes and this has positive effects on engagement, energy, motivation, collaboration and purpose. If this happens, everything changes. However, the change happens from within. It’s lasting and liberates the powers that are already part of the company.

The culture mirrors who you are

To change a culture, you need to start changing the people in such a way that they are the desired culture. The culture is a reflection of who the people are. If you are not happy how it is today, not happy how people deal with themselves, their work, the way they co-operate and engage, etc. then first how would you love the culture to be? And second who do you need to be to have that. What is needed to be the change you wish to see in your company?

This article is based on the insights gained from the book “Becoming a Conscious Leader” by Gina Hayden. Gina and I worked together within Creative Consciousness.